Doing the new app, we have seen that there is something strange about the start of the app that is like a second before we can use the main activity.

So we just learned today to use the trace tool inside the android sdk

adb -d shell rm ./mnt/sdcard/log.trace
adb -d shell am start -n net.coscolla.podcast/.activities.episode.EpisodeListActivity --start-profiler ./mnt/sdcard/log.trace
Do something you want to trace
adb shell am profile stop
adb -d pull ./mnt/sdcard/log.trace
$HOME/Android/sdk/tools/traceview log.trace

You can also open this on the ddms on android studio.

ActiveAndroid was slowing the app initialization search on runtime for the classes that extend model... even searching on android.. packages and was almos 1second doing that.

just apply this Pull request to be able to only scan classes from your packages.